Social Media (2)

We’re all aware of the impact social media has had on us in recent years, from sharing status updates on our day to day lives to posting pictures of what we had for dinner we can’t get enough of social sharing on a daily basis. Whilst many use social media as part of our downtime, employers are also using social media as a recruitment strategy.

Using social media to recruit potential employees has become the norm amongst many recruiters however, 60% of recruiters still aren’t using social media in their recruitment strategy.

In our new digital world it’s essential to know what to look for when using social media to both drive and aid recruitment and understand why it’s become so important.

Who is using social recruitment?

Using social media as a recruitment tool varies from business to business. Many creative and innovative companies are looking to social as it provides a cheaper way to recruit candidates and seek out new talent. Tech savvy and graduate candidates who have been brought up in the digital age are using social media to promote themselves as desirable candidates to employers. Social media has increased connectivity between businesses and candidates and led to an improved transparency between both parties.

How is social media being used in recruitment?

Social media has provided recruiters with a new marketing channel to find potential employees and has also enabled candidates to seek out job roles through social platforms. LinkedIn is perhaps the biggest social media network dedicated to business professionals and allows both businesses and candidates to show off their educational and career achievements without sharing too much personal information.

For recruiters ensuring they have updated social profiles to share job opportunities, provide career advice and interview tips, is essential to staying ahead of competitors, after all candidates will seek out the most easily available information.

Social media can not only be used to as recruitment tool but can also be used to make businesses seem more desirable to candidates. Social media is a great way to show the personality of the company and strengthen the businesses public profile.

What should you look for in a candidate on social media?

As incredible as social media is, it does have an uglier side especially when it comes to recruitment. Candidates are all too aware that recruiters will search their social media profiles for anything that may not be seen as professional, with 93% of recruiters inspecting a candidates social media profiles before making a job offer. For candidates having professional social media accounts dedicated to their desired industry shows them as desirable candidates to potential employers and helps to build up a portfolio of work.

However, recruiters must bear in mind that social media recruitment only allows for the social shouters to be heard and recruiters could run the risk of missing out on finding other talent if social media is used as the only recruitment tool.

Social media has unquestionably increased the talent pool of candidates available for recruiters and will continue to change the recruitment landscape.

By Nicola Mewes Operations Director at Hales Group