By Max Clarke

Road freight crime costs the UK economy upwards of £250 million a year, and opens the door to mass immigration, the UK Border Agency along with the Serious Organised Crime Agency has said.

In order to combat these threats, a booklet has been issued to freight drivers, detailing simple steps to take. Advice includes:

Never picking up passengers;
Never leaving your personal property on view in the cab;
Avoiding talking about loads or routes with other drivers or customers (including over radios and telephones);
And protecting documents such as shipping orders and consignment notes. If these are stolen, criminals can use them to pick up valuable loads.

The document also details traps laid by criminal organisations, including elaborately staged accidents, bogus police officers or vehicles performing checks, and false freight drivers asking for assistance.

Preventative measures for curbing illegal immigration include the simple practice of pointing freight vehicles away from the port when parked, to fool people smugglers into thinking the vehicle has arrived from the UK, instead of being bound for it.

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