Smartphone apps

The average British adult has 25 apps on their smartphone, 48 per cent of downloaded apps are never used.Forget about the annual household spring clean: online research launched today by Trainline reveals that smartphones in Britain are gathering dust, with on average 25 apps being downloaded per person yet only 13 are ever used.

However, whilst ‘app’timising day to day living and giving smartphones a digital spring clean is something the research shows people need to do, helping people make the most of their app library is particularly key within the small to medium business (SME) community. A survey of over 1200 SME decision makers showed that 56 per cent want to use apps more to help with their day to day working life.

The type of apps that SMEs felt they would find most beneficial to their businesses were travel and communication (both 23 per cent) followed by accounting/finance and time management (both 19 per cent) and meeting and networking apps (18 per cent).

As part of its commitment to helping businesses use technology to make work life easier and more efficient, Trainline has worked with Holly Brockwell, tech expert and founder of leading tech site Gadgette, to develop a guide and top ten list of the best apps to keep people ‘appy’ in their working life.

Holly Brockwell said: “With so many apps being downloaded and left to clutter our app libraries, it’s time for a digital spring clean and to ensure you are only downloading the apps which really work for you. Your phone has the potential to help you run your business more smoothly, effectively and in a way that’s professional but simple.”

Download Heroes: Holly’s Top Ten for an ‘App’-timised Working Life

  1. Google Keep
  2. Hotel Tonight
  3. Slack
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Trainline
  6. Buffer
  7. Google Translate Word Lens
  8. Receipt Bank
  9. Laundrapp
  10. Headspace
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