By David Angwin, Director of Marketing, EMEA for Wyse Technology

Albert Einstein is said to have defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So when the economy is tough, it makes sense that business strategies should challenge the status quo. Businesses that get this right will be well placed to come out of the current downturn in good shape and take advantage of new growth opportunities. Those that don’t may face a bleaker future.

So what does this have to do with computing? The advent of the PC in the 1980s led to today’s business world firmly centred on email, word processors, spreadsheets, internet browsers and more; and our dependency on the productivity and efficiency that these tools provide.

But when you talk to computer users, or look at the costs of maintaining IT equipment, this ‘status quo’ doesn’t look so good. We are so dependent on IT that any failure or loss of service has an immediate effect on the business. Staff productivity drops, customer service levels suffer, unexpected costs hit the business and, in the most severe cases, entire businesses are put at risk.

Complexity we don’t need

The root cause of many problems is the complexity of the computers that sit on a typical desk. The average office worker only uses 5-10% of the capabilities of the PC they use; yet the business has to pay the cost of securing, managing, maintaining and fixing this powerful machine.

Learning from the past

While limited in their capabilities, the centralised mainframe computers of the 70’s and early 80’s were great for the user - you just pressed the power button on your terminal and your computer was ready in seconds. Thin Computing does the same today but now delivers a rich PC environment: all your business programs, internet access with video and sound, easy connection of printers, scanners, PDAs and more.

Why change now?

Times are tough so why change now? I’m not advocating throwing out the shiny PCs you recently installed, but if you are looking at ways to create a leaner, more agile business with much lower IT costs then you should look at how thin computing will enable this. The technology itself is well established with over 6 million business and government workers around the world using it every day. In many ways, its a proven antidote to insanity!

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