By Claire West

Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced that momentum is building among the SME community for Salesforce Chatter following its launch earlier this year, with growing numbers of SMEs choosing to deploy the app.

Salesforce Chatter is a Cloud 2 app, which is social, mobile and real-time that employees can use for collaboration across their company. Leveraging the social features popularised by Facebook and Twitter, such as profiles, status updates and real-time feeds, Chatter empowers businesses with a new level of productivity only possible in the cloud.

“SMEs have been quick to see the benefits of Salesforce Chatter,” says Steve Garnett, chairman EMEA, salesforce.com. “Time is often at a premium in these organisations. Many miss out on critical internal information because existing collaboration tools are complicated, expensive and put the onus on users to sort through vast amounts of data to track down the information they need.

“Salesforce Chatter allows users to decide what matters most to them. Users can select the people they want to connect with and the groups they want to be part of and even which sales opportunities or customer support cases they want to follow. All the relevant data is then pushed to them in a single real-time feed.”

SMEs already benefiting from the use of Salesforce Chatter to drive real-time business collaboration include Scancom.co.uk, a leading supplier of BlackBerry business devices, airtime and software and CloudApps, the market leader for sustainability and energy efficiency solutions.

CloudApps has launched CloudApps Sustainability Suite on salesforce.com’s ChatterExchange2. Now fully Chatter-enabled, CloudApps can deliver real-time updates via a Chatter feed on organisations’ emissions sources, sustainability footprints, disclosures they make and sustainability initiatives they operate.

CloudApps also makes use of Salesforce Chatter internally, as Simon Wheeldon, CEO, CloudApps explains; “Chatter is driving benefits across all areas of our business. It drives collaboration and ensures that we no longer need to take part in protracted email discussions.

“It also helps drive business agility,” he continues. "We operate in a fast-changing marketplace and need to respond quickly to changes. Chatter allows us to collaborate and quickly agree on the right sustainability guidelines and strategies for our customers, allowing us to continue to drive unprecedented levels of customer success.”

Scancom.co.uk, a long-standing user of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Cloud from salesforce.com, has also experienced far-reaching benefits since implementing Salesforce Chatter.

Chatter offers Scancom.co.uk enhanced flexibility. It has reduced the need to schedule physical meetings and reduced the number of internal emails. In addition, the ability to use Chatter to follow users and broadcast status updates has provided transparency and driven further collaboration within the business. Moreover, the real-time nature of Chatter has offered accountability in processes such as deliveries.

“Now everybody in the organisation knows what everyone else is doing and can contact that person or take action based on their status. It has become a very powerful medium within our business,” says Chen Kotecha, managing director, Scancom.co.uk.