TV remote

In the week that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century bid for Sky was announced, the competition of the future dominated the latest Golden Globes award ceremony.

‘The Crown’, and ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix, ‘Transparent’ and ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ from Amazon Prime, while ‘Veep’, ‘Games of Thrones’ and ‘Westworld’ from HBO have all been nominated for awards at the Global Globe awards for movies and TV programmes.

And Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO picked up 70% of the nomination for the TV shows.

Content may be king, but a show about the Queen and another about a throne are dominating content production.

And while Rupert Murdoch returns with another bid for Sky from 21st Century Fox, it is worth asking whether the Sky subscription model can compete with the online video on demand providers.

Okay, at the moment, much of the HBO content is available via Sky in Europe, but for how long?

Truth is that the internet has eroded barriers to entry, no wonder ISPs want to charge the likes of Netflix more money to broadcast their content over the internet.

But when barriers to entry fall, established giants can fall too.

Or maybe Sky can continue to dominate the business of broadcasting sport – unless that is, individual sports teams, and leagues start creating their own channels – Twitter is already encroaching on sports broadcasting territory.

As Dylan said, ‘times they are a changin,’ but does the swoop for Sky feel a little like two old timers – indeed two cousins – joining forces to fight off the young guns?