By Daniel Hunter

As the Skills Minister, Mathew Hancock, announces pledges a further £150m pot of funding to enable employers to create the training schemes they need to grow their companies, the CIPD’s chief executive highlights the need for skills and training to form an integral part of discussions about long term business planning.

"Employers have a vested interest in actively developing their own pipelines of future talent and need to take more of a lead in developing the workforce of the future," Peter Cheese, Chief Executive at the CIPD commented.

"If they’re left to stand on the sidelines as passive consumers, the education and training system will never deliver the skills employers need to grow their businesses and contribute to economic growth.

"That’s why it’s so crucial to give employers more opportunities to lead when it comes to skills funding and setting the standards for the quality outcomes industry requires to support growth. It also ensures the debate about skills and training does not exist in its own “bubble”, but forms an integral part of discussions about long term business planning and growth strategies.

“We therefore welcome the launch of round two of the Employer Ownership Pilot, which encourages employers to come forward in partnership with their employees to define the skills solutions they require and ensure a relentless focus on employers and employees as the primary customers of quality outcomes.

"Investing in skills not only enables employees to do their current job better, but can also help them find a better job in the future. Taking collective responsibility for learning and development is a win-win for all concerned."

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