Working in an office environment can be very draining both physically and mentally, especially if you have to do it just about every day for the entire working week. You spend anything between six to twelve hours every day, sitting at a desk in front of a monitor, hacking away at reports and proposals, along with a myriad of other mentally intensive tasks. The high octane environment can leave you feeling burnt out and negatively impact your productivity if left unchecked. Kathryn Morris explains.

Fortunately, there are several simple and effective strategies you can undertake to ensure your productivity is at optimum level every single day in the office. This post will briefly walk you through a few of these.

i) Write Down A Plan Of The Day’s Work

Before you begin your day’s work, write down a list of the tasks you are meant to accomplish for the day, preferably in their order of importance. You can either do this in the first few minutes after you get to your desk, which means you’ll need to get to work slightly earlier, or you can write your list at home in the evening just before you sleep. Having a list helps you prepare mentally for the work you’ll be doing for the day, and will make you more focused when you actually start working.

ii) Split Your Time Between Different Kinds of Tasks

Try and delegate different times between different tasks with varying degrees of intensity. For best results, set aside time for mentally intensive tasks that require a lot of focus and those that are repetitive. Alternating between tasks in such a manner will keep you active and energetic throughout the day and help you achieve desired results easily

iii) Take Breaks To Exercise and Relax

Sitting in one position for more than an hour can be exhausting for anyone. Ensure you take a few short breaks after hours of working to relax or perform a few simple exercises.

You don’t even need to perform the intensive exercises you perform at the gym. A few stretches if properly done will work wonders for your body. With a little creativity, you can design office-friendly exercises that you can perform at your desk. These will help you refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body, causing your energy levels to spike and help you hop right onto your workstation for more productivity.

iv) Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is important for obvious reasons. Your body requires water to properly function. Get yourself a nice bottle of water right before you come into the office. You’ll need it to hydrate throughout the day as you go about your tasks. Having a bottle of water right there when you need it will minimize the time you spend going to get it when you require it. If you prefer energy drinks, you can also get a bottle for that time when you need to replenish your energy.

v) Ensure Your Office Furniture Is Properly Arranged And ComfortableHaving the right office furniture can work wonders for your productivity. With a comfortable office chair and desk, you’ll be able to work long hours without putting unnecessary strain on your neck and back muscles.Always ensure that your drawers are properly arranged so that you can quickly and easily retrieve the files, documents and other things you need for your tasks. You can also get a potted plant or some nice framed pictures to decorate your office or workstation and make it more enjoyable and fun to work in..

vi) Always Remember to De-clutter Your Office

A clean and tidy office can boost your motivation to work. Having piles of paper lying around in your office will dent your concentration and make it harder to organize your workstation in a way that maximizes your productivity. Ensure you get rid of all furniture, papers and other items that have served their purpose and are no longer necessary. This will make your office more appealing, creating a conducive environment for you to actually get some work done.

Work does not have to be boring and exhausting anymore. Try these tips today and experience how fulfilling office work can be with just a little nudge and the right conditions.

By Kathryn Morris, Lifestyle Blogger