By Alexia Leachman, Founder of www.headtrash.co.uk


Just no! There really is no excuse for them, especially since both Firefox and Google Chrome now automatically underline misspelling. Like the failure to update we mentioned in our earlier post, a profile with typos shows a sloppiness that future employers/customers could justifiably believe extends to the rest of your work/business practices.

No photo

Why? Can’t you work out how to add one, or – if you’re an individual - is it because you’re ugly? According to recruitment specialist Miriam Salpeter, this is what people believe when faced with a blank avatar. You’d be surprised how much weight potential employers actually put on a photograph. Well, we all pre-judge, don’t we? Even just a little bit…So, put up a photo where it’s just you with a winning smile.

Not Reaching Out

You’ve joined groups you’re interested in but you haven’t made use of them apart from reading other member’s posts. Use the fact you’re both in the same group to contact other individuals who may be of benefit to your job hunting prospects or, if you’re a business, could lead to further sales. Just drop them a line, mentioning your common interest in the group. Simple as that.

You’re Blatantly Stalking People
Checking out other profiles is fine, provided you’re sensible about it. Continually going back to someone’s profile every day for two weeks is going to make them nervous. If you insist on stalking then do it anonymously. Alter your settings so that only certain details of your identity are revealed ie someone in the Media Industry in London. Fair’s fair though - do this and you don’t get to see who’s been checking you out!

No Breaks

Design-wise your profile is a mess. It’s just a big lump of text and there’s no white space where the reader can take a much-needed break. Also, the text is all over the place - your jobs aren’t even in chronological order. Whoever starts reading this profile isn’t going to bother working his or her way through to the end of it and may miss that part about you becoming your company’s Employee of the Year for two years straight (that should be right up there at the top of the page anyhow).

No Revisits
After congratulating yourself on putting up a pretty fine LinkedIn profile you haven’t bothered going back to look at the site for more months now. You don’t see the point – you’re not looking for a job right now. If you’re a small company maybe you feel you can’t handle any more business. But you should – visit, that is. LinkedIn can be useful for other reasons – to make connections (congratulate others on their successes), comment on forums, re-post your blogs, share knowledge on your specialism and industry etc.

Alexia Leachman is a Mojo-hunter and helps business leaders to find their mojo by helping them to clear their head trash, tell their story, raise their profile, build their digital presence and manage their reputation. Alexia is also the founder of www.headtrash.co.uk, the home of the most powerful head trash clearance technique in the world. She regularly speaks and writes, and has authored a chapter on Online Reputation for the book “Hit me! The Secrets of getting your small business to punch its weight online”. You can follow her on Twitter at @AlexiaL and find out more at www.alexialeachman.com Her new radio show B.the change launched recently and you can hear that here http://www.alexialeachman.com/radio-show.html