By Claire West

The Trade Union Congress recently found that there are currently 3.7 million people in the UK who work from home. This means that there are 3.7 million people who probably don’t always work at a desk and sometime work on the sofa or in bed. In fact, research by Fellowes has found that around 42% of home workers sit on the sofa while working and 22% work in bed. These places may be comfy initially but working in them for long periods does not provide correct posture and can put strain on your body.

Wherever you work, be it at home or in the office, it can be worth thinking about improving your posture or giving yourself a helping hand by using ergonomic products. Even though 34% of British workers complain of backache, only 20% of all workers use footrests and only 14% have a back rest, which can make a huge difference to sitting comfortably.

As a start, below are five tips which will help you ensure you are working comfortably:

·Avoid a slouching back. Good posture is achieved by sitting back into your chair. A back support and foot support will help you to sit correctly.

·One in four of us suffer from pain or injury caused by pressure on the wrists. Wrist supports help to relieve this pressure and prevent potential injuries.

·If you want to prevent severe neck pain (it accounts for almost a third of all absences from work), make sure you are sat approximately an arm’s length away from your screen and it’s at the correct height for comfortable viewing (eye level is recommended). A laptop or monitor riser will help you to achieve the correct position.

·Accessories you use frequently should be within easy reach. Work smart — and stay organised!

·Last but not least, remember to take regular breaks - away from your desk and technology.

Fellowes is running a campaign to help people work more ergonomically, wherever they chose to work. To find out how your workplace measures up and how you can improve your workplace posture, Fellowes is providing a free workstation assessment at http://www.ergo.fellowes.com/en/workstation-assessment.

Visit the website: www.ergo.fellowes.com/en/index for more information and helpful ergonomics tips. You can also follow Professor Ergo, Fellowes’ friendly ergonomics expert on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/SmartAtWork/170009083054300 and Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Smart_At_Work to answer all of your ergonomic questions.