By Jonathan Davies

If you ask anyone to name an entrepreneur, the chances are they'll think of Sir Richard Branson. He's a man that has overcome dyslexia and lack of confidence to build an empire of more than 400 businesses in a career spanning almost half a century.

But now he's telling young entrepreneurs to celebrate both their success and their failures.

In an interview with Vision, Sir Richard said: "Young entrepreneurs need to be encouraged to be brave and to not be afraid or ashamed of failures.

"Ask successful business men or women today and they will have all experienced failure at some point. They will tell you it made them the business person they are today."

"When I was a young boy, I wanted to change the world. I left school at 15 to start a magazine to campaign to stop the Vietnamese war, so looking back I think I was definitely born with a bit of ambition and entrepreneurial spirit."

Sir Richard added: "I have always wanted the opportunity to make a difference and I believe that a successful entrepreneur's mission should be about making people's lives better.

"I believe that entrepreneurs can focus their problem-solving minds on larger social issues and come up with workable solutions that utilise their business skills."

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