According to a new report, more than 2,500 products have shrunk in the last five years, but there is another side to this debate.

The research was carried out by the ONS. It found that over the last five years, 2,529 products have got smaller, but 614 have got bigger.

The report ignores digital products.

Apparently, a packet of maltesers used to weigh 121 grammes, now it weighs 103grammes. Tragically the ONS did not tell us what that means in actual maltesers, we need to be told!

A roll of Andrex toilet roll has gone from 240 sheets to 221.

McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives have been hit too, with the weight dropping from 332g to 300g. Once again, we don't know how many less biscuits that means, how many less dunks we now get to a packet.

Of course five years ago, a company called Kodak went bust. These days not so many of us have cameras, hardly any of us pay to have our photographs developed. We have smart phones instead, and if we want to show our holiday snaps to our friends we use social media. But we take more photographs than ever.

In the digital era, we read newspapers for free - some of them. If we want to send a note to a friend, many of us use SMS, social media or some other app.

We get more and more for free.

The ONS says that the price of sugar has been falling, so maybe the companies behind shrinkflation of a choccy bar have no excuses, but if you care about your waistline maybe you should be grateful.

But if you want to dunk your head in digital space, it is not so much shrinkflation that is revealed as digital disflation.