Home office (3)

Flexible working - including working from home - is both law and a trend. Businesses may not legally be allowed to deny a flexible working request bar for genuine business reasons, but more and more companies are encouraging it, realising the cultural benefits among the workforce.

As a result, more and more people are now working from home. According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), provided it is managed properly, working from home allows businesses to boost productivity while attracting and holding onto the best staff.

But should YOU be working from home?

Working with psychologist Robert Stewart, eco-friendly office supplier TG Escapes has launched an online tool to determine whether or not you are suited to home working.

Four simple questions determine your personality and whether or not you should work from home.

Robert Stewart said: "Some people thrive on the interaction with their colleagues, for example, while others prefer being told what to do by a boss, rather than manage their own time."

Richard Harvey, managing director at TG Escapes, said: "Working in a stuffy or noisy office can impact on people's productivity. And the energy you use up actually travelling to and from it every day can also be quite draining. If you only have to walk out of your back door into the garden to get to your own, calm, quiet workspace, it will have a much better impact on how much work you can actually get done."

So, take the quiz and find out if you should be working from home!

(My result: "You are suited to working from home, though you should make efforts to meet people during the day, even it it's just for a coffee.")