Parental Advisory

Excuse my bad language! But it is for a reason - swear words have been found to increase email open rates by nearly 30% in the UK, according to a new study.

And if you're reading this, I guess it works on news stories as well!

In fact, email provider Mailjet has found that your email marketing campaigns could benefit from a 28.6% higher open rate if you include a naughty word in the title.

It seems that Brits are quite accepting of this type of tongue-in-cheek marketing. In comparison, swear words featured in email subjects sent to Americans actually caused a 30% fall in open rates. One American recipient actually filed a formal complaint against a company that used 'Cock-up' in one of its emails, claiming it was inappropriate and offensive.

Amir Jirbandey, marketing manager at Mailjet in the UK, said: "By carefully selecting marketing friendly swear words, instead of causing offense or embarrassment, it will lead to clicks and ultimately better connections. By getting creative with risqué language in subject lines, marketers have the opportunity to reach much wider audiences through their email marketing efforts.

“Caution should be applied to this approach: Only look to include colourful language if you know your audience well and if it directly relates to the content. Otherwise you run the risk of decreasing clicks, alienating your audience and potentially ringing the spam alarm.”