The Shift 100 has been put together to identify retail technology entrepreneurs who are bringing new ideas and products to market, creating integrated customer experiences and leading the move away from traditional ‘clicks and mortar’ e-commerce.

These entrepreneurs have been selected because they are dynamic, agile and shifting gears. They have brought an innovative product to market, cleverly harnessed a technology or process, led the revolutionary execution of a new technology and disrupted their markets.

Emma Mumford has been recognised within retail technology Shift 100 in association with KPMG Small Business Accounting.

Emma Mumford started Extreme Couponing and Deals UK started her savvy savings in 2013. After finding Couponing in her hour of need due to her ex-partner leaving her in £7k debt. Emma had to find a way to save money and fast.

Twitter @CouponQueenEmmaFacebook @ExtremecouponingukInstagram couponqueenemma

Emma started the company on Facebook back in 2013. With over 200k+ followers across the board, it became apparent that there is a need regardless of your income or situation to save money on everyday essentials. Updated daily with all current coupons, deals, glitches and bargains.

USP: Offering online deals and coupons.

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