By Marcus Leach

Amongst all of the usual business news that we see here at Fresh Business Thinking, there are a number of stories that catch the eye for different reasons.

Twitter has, like it or loathe it, become an integral part of many businesses social media strategies over recent years, but it can also have a detrimental effect on businesses and their reputations. Just ask petrochemical giants Shell.

In a spoof campaign that has been seen before, a group lampooning the oil giants have been playing havoc on the back of Shell's 'Let's Go' ad campaign. Needless to say Shell are less than happy. To see the full story click here.

Meanwhile, in London, one of the cities most iconic buildings, the Gherkin, looks set to be dressed up as a penguin. Yes, you read that right.

Bosses at ZSL London Zoo commissioned a production team to draw up a dramatic redesign of the famed skyscraper to remind visitors to the capital not to miss their penguins in 2012.

“We don’t want anyone to miss our penguins, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to miss this one looming over the capital," The Zoo’s Head of Comms, Emma Edwards said.

“We think ‘The Penguin’ would be a striking addition to the London skyline and serve as a perfect reminder to Londoners and tourists alike to visit ZSL London Zoo and Penguin Beach this summer.

“We know it’s audacious, but let’s be honest — penguins are a lot more interesting than gherkins!”

To see just what 'The Penguin' would look like, click here.

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