By Maximilian Clarke

Numbers of people leaving their jobs has plummeted 42% in a decade, driven particularly by recent losses in job security. High unemployment is ensuring people remain in their jobs, with people leaving their jobs voluntarily seeing a particularly sharp decline in the wake of the recession.

The result of the change, confirmed this morning (Wednesday) by the Office for National Statistics, has been a reduction in job satisfaction as well as creating challenging environment for the UK’s recruiters. Commenting on the reduction in labour market mobility is James Callander, managing director of FreshMinds Talent:

“These figures confirm FreshMinds Talent’s research that almost 90% of graduates leave their first job within three years. Graduate employers more than ever need to think of ways to retain the best talent and think of graduates’ career progression beyond the first couple of years. These figures also serve as a reminder to students to make sure they complete work experience whilst studying so that they are certain of the sector and type of job they really want to take.

“FreshMinds Talent welcomes the fact that of the 674,000 people who left their main job in 2011, 57 per cent, or 382,000 chose to leave voluntarily on their own terms. This is definitely an improvement on 2009 when the number of people leaving their main job on a voluntary basis was equivalent to the number leaving on an involuntary basis, both at 382,000 or 50/50%. Although this is a step in the right direction, 2012 looks set to be another challenging year for the industry.”

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