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With the UK's sharing economy now owning more than 10% of brands globally, data with Hitwise reveals the UK's hunger for the sharing economy has grown exponentially, with website visits tripling in 2016.

Airbnb and Love Home Swap, among other similar sites, perhaps surprisingly receive the majority of visits from digital migrants - those aged 35 and over - while the overall demand for peer-to-peer exchange is most popular among digital natives - those aged between 18 and 34 - who are 60% more likely than the average Brit to use space sharing sites.

CouchSurfing (36%), Flat Club (25%) and Vrumi (4%) were among the most popular sites with digital natives, while Airbnb (7%) and Love Home Swap (28%) were most popular for digital migrants.

When it comes to financial sharing, Brits over 34 are circumbenting traditional banking institutions and exploring collaborative investment options online, representing more than double the number of visits to Funding Circle and almost treble the number of visits to Rebuilding Society over digital natives.

Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, which receives 65% of visits from Millennials, culturally reflect the values of these 18-35 year olds, who are more willing to fund the projects they believe in.

The research marks the launch of Connexity's 'Data Day Britain' report, which highlights the three key areas of the UK's online internet consumption and behaviour:

  • Live - The sharing economy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet, driven by both digital natives and digital migrants
  • Work - Hitwise found that more than 4.1 million Brits created "how to" queries in the first three months of 2016, and 1.3 million visited an online learning site
  • Play - Digital natives are looking for experiences online, being 21% more likely to search for concerts, whereas digital migrants are using the internet to plan their hobbies
Nigel Wilson, managing director at Hitwise, said: "As one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet, now is the most exciting time for the sharing economy. As we see the industry bleed into more and more sectors, brands and retailers need to be aware of the UK's growing hunger for collaboration, whether that's through sharing our sofa of financially supporting an entrepreneur. The Hitwise research also highlights brands should avoid presuming they know their audience and ensure they are targeting the right people, with the right content."