By Jan Willem Brands, General Manager Collaboration, Barco

One of the biggest frustrations in company meetings has to be time wasting. When the pressure is on, every minute is precious and, regardless of the purpose of the meeting, it has to be conducted as efficiently and effectively as possible. Today’s tech-savvy workforce need the best technological tools at their fingertips to help improve the outcome of the meeting and collaboration within it.

BYOD is no longer just a trend. It is prevalent in every major organisation and, combined with the right meeting room technology, this is just one area that can bring significant benefits to the meeting room. We have put together some general top tips that should help companies run the most effective business meetings. No more finger drumming or distractions from dodgy technology and connections - now all of your meeting time can be maximised:

Embrace: More and more businesses recognise the benefits of BYOD and the advantages it can bring to the meeting room. The sharing of content stored across devices makes them ideal for many different meeting room scenarios, whether it is for training sessions, sales presentations or strategic planning. Companies should be embracing employee’s personal devices, after all many of these laptops, smartphones or tablets are often more technologically advanced than organisation-provided technology. That technological capability can be exploited to make meetings far more effective.

Collaborate: The fundamental purpose of a meeting is to share information. To encourage better collaboration and interaction among participants each of them needs to have the technological capability to share their information, data or visuals simultaneously on a screen. Multiple attendees may want to make many different contributions to a meeting and being able to do this at the same time as everyone else, on the same screen, is a vital step to improving collaboration.

Support: When sharing information, visuals and presentations, the meeting room technology has to be able to support multiple devices, and their associated operating systems, whether that is Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Connect: Efficiency in meetings is about maximising every minute and not wasting time on unnecessary interruptions and technology glitches. The ideal solution is a world away from the tangled web of cables, adaptors and connectors that we’ve become accustomed to. New and emerging meeting room technology can make connecting seamless and easy, either via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth, with no software downloads or settings changes needed.

Stay Secure: Negate any security concerns surrounding connecting ‘external’ devices to a company network. Whether clients want to connect to your meeting room technology, or maybe colleagues in a different location, IT may have a problem bringing foreign devices on to the company network. However, if your meeting room technology has its own Wi-Fi capabilities to enable users to connect with it directly, while not actually on the organisation’s network, security concerns will be eradicated, paving the way for a more efficient meeting.