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Naomi Ellis from Okappy takes a look at digital marketing asking why it’s so important and what to look for when hiring for or developing your digital marketing team.

What is digital marketing and why is it so important? According to the Digital Marketing Institute, Digital Marketing is “the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to targeted consumers and businesses.” There are many benefits to digital marketing including how inexpensive it can be and it’s ability to reach a large audience in a short time-period. With the growing number of people consuming vast amounts of digital content on a daily basis, very soon digital marketing will take over traditional forms of marketing altogether!

It is vital for companies to get ahead of the game and start utilising a digital strategy within their current plan for business growth. To do this you may need to hire a digital marketer. Following are our 7 essential characteristics that all digital marketers need to have to ensure they do the best job possible. Each characteristic is an indicator for what you should be looking for when hiring a new employee for your marketing department. Additionally they can provide you with a starting point for the skills and characteristics you should be developing within your existing team .

  1. Adaptable
Digital marketers have to be adaptable to changing trends and technologies. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and social media platforms are always adding new features. Instagram started out as a platform for photographers to share their work and has now expanded to 700 million users with seemingly unending sub categories of hashtags for a variety of cultures and communities. Facebook later purchased Instagram and after having failed to buy Snapchat, it introduced Insta stories into the mix. Insta Stories allows users to post videos and photos, which expire after 24 hours. They have recently introduced a feature letting all business Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers add links to Instagram Stories. The landscape of social media is changing quickly and so Digital Marketers must be alert to these advancements in order to keep raising brand awareness.
  1. Analytical Drive
It’s all well and good being a master of the selfie stick and getting that perfectly angled photograph of your product. However, if you can’t analyse what is working and what isn’t, you won’t always know when it may be time to freshen up your approach. Google analytics can help by tracking and reporting web traffic. Understanding how your customers are engaging with current online content will be very telling to what your next step should be. In order to do this, digital marketers have to be good with stats. Having an analytical approach to problem solving is a must!
  1. Creative Desire
Digital Marketers are also responsible for maintaining the brand voice. They need to be curators at heart to ensure that they deliver a consistent and effective brand strategy. This includes all the small design details such as colour, fonts and image style. These are all important considerations and should be consistent in order for your content feeds to flow smoothly. How your business is marketed is very much dependent on how it appears to viewers and customers. Make sure the design is right and everything will follow. Creative thinking will give you the tools to transform your marketing campaign and really engage with clients.
  1. Ability to Put Themselves in Other People’s Shoes
If digital marketers can’t get to know their audiences then the marketing strategy will not be fruitful. Who are the audience? How are they being targeted? What is it that will catch their eye? A true digital marketer will spend time researching, putting themselves in the shoes of the prospective client. Taking on different perspectives is also required to understand where you are going and how to get there. This includes an awareness of the wider objectives of the business, the strategy for the steps you need to take and what the timeframe is. Digital marketers need to be visionary thinkers, but also have the ability to focus on tasks with certain deadlines.
  1. Good with Words
It is a must for digital marketers to be good with words. Every business will have a particular brand voice. This tone of voice needs to be upheld across all writing included in the marketing content. There are now more pieces of writing produced on a daily basis than ever before. With an increasing amount of content appearing before our eyes, it is up to digital marketers to hone in on their tone so that it is your business that stands out from the crowd. A strong communicator and ability to communicate to more than one type of person is key. Mastering the art of writing captivating copy, catchy slogans and intriguing captions for posts is crucial. They must also be able to whip up an article or blog post under pressure in order to meet deadlines.
  1. Collaborative Mindset
Digital marketers may find themselves working alongside art directors, graphic designers, web designers etc. A collaborative mindset is key to developing a strong and successful digital marketing campaign. Perhaps your business is looking to have an international scope; so being able to collaborate and work together with people from diverse backgrounds is key. Having the ability to be diplomatic and also able to have open and honest discussions is an invaluable characteristic for a successful digital marketer.
  1. Enthusiastic
Lastly, enthusiasm is a must for digital marketers. If you are not enthusiastic, the digital marketing campaign you are trying to create may come across as false or lacklustre. Staying inspired will give your campaign the vitality, force and conviction you need to drive your business forward. Being passionate and interested in what you do makes for a job well done. If you can tick all these boxes you are well on your way to becoming a stellar digital marketer!

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