By Jonathan Davies

We've all heard about retailers making preparations for their crucial Christmas period long before the festive season comes around, but Selfridges has set a new benchmark by opening its Christmas store a whopping 143 days before the big day.

It is reportedly the first department store to open its Christmas store this year.

And with temperatures set to reach 25°C in London this week, Selfridges acknowledged how strange it seems to start its Christmas trading in the middle of summer.

In a statement, the department store said: "It's midsummer, the temperatures are set to rise over the next few days, and the summer holidays are in full swing. So it must be time for Selfridges' flagship store on Oxford Street to go arctic and open the doors to its famous Christmas Shop."

You may be planning on heading out to buy some shorts and t-shirts or maybe some sunglasses, but head to Selfridges and you could be coming away with one of 150 different lights and trees, 120 different types of cracker and ten of thousands of baubles.