Seddon Atkinson Vehicles Limited, a manufacturer of large goods vehicles based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, was formed in mid 1970 when Atkinson Vehicles Limited of Preston was acquired by Seddon Diesel Vehicles Limited of Oldham. In 1974 the firm was acquired by the American giant International Harvester, and in February 1983 it was purchased by the Spanish group ENASA which made it a subsidiary of Pegaso, a manufacturer of medium-sized commercial vehicles. In 1990 it became part of the international commercial vehicle concern IVECO who used the brand for various types of specialised vehicles in the United Kingdom. The range of models produced include EuroMover, Pacer and Strato, which are aimed at refuse collection, recycling and construction operators. The range is sold across the UK by a network of 13 distributors, comprising a mix of dedicated Seddon Atkinson dealers together with dealers who also sell IVECO models.

Recent Seddon Atkinson vehicles are readily identifiable from other IVECO products because of the company's former Atkinson logo, a large letter 'A' within a circle, usually in chrome (or chrome-effect) on the radiator grille. The circular Atkinson logo dated from 1937, having largely replaced the 'Knight Of The Road' badge of earlier Atkinsons.

Source: Wikipedia