By Ben Simmons

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), leading consultancy for strategic procurement , today announced that private and public sector organisations across Scotland are seeing significant cost savings after a strategic review of their business spending and supplier management.

Robert Allison, managing director of Expense Reduction Analysts, explained: “In a recession all everyone can talk about is cutting costs. Unfortunately, simply cutting costs doesn’t mean your business will be successful. We’re providing Scottish businesses with access to consultants with years of experience, who help them spend more effectively, ensure cost management is a strategic priority, and at the same time save them money.”

Key spending pain points for Scottish businesses:

· Waste
o ERA client have seen on average a 42 per cent cost reduction
· Telecommunications
o ERA clients have seen on average a 30 per cent cost reduction
· Utilities
o ERA clients have seen on average a 26 per cent cost reduction
· Insurance
o ERA clients have seen on average a 20 per cent cost reduction

While Expense Reduction Analysts clients have welcomed the cost savings, they’ve also found huge value in the support and expertise provided - both short and long-term - from ERA’s team of consultants. Beyond simply focusing on saving money, they’ve provided analysis, advice and support enabling clients to integrate cost management into their organisations’ strategic planning.

“There was an understandable tendency to focus on growing the business rather than the ongoing operational running costs,” said finance director at METCO, which provides services global oil and gas companies. “I was aware that we needed a thorough look at what we were spending and that we didn’t have the resources to do this ourselves.”

Expense Reduction Analysts’ Scottish customer base is made up from businesses ranging from housing associations to companies in the financial services, arts, manufacturing, retail and transportation sectors. To realise the types of savings listed above, consultants from ERA worked closely with internal staff to get a better understanding of what was needed, before providing detailed feedback on the suppliers they recommend - based on both the value they offered in terms of cost and the how they fitted with the company’s values and aims.

Robert Allison will be attending a roundtable alongside Scottish businesses in Edinburgh on Friday February 24 to debate the role that cost management should play in the strategic planning of organisations. The event is being held at the Edinburgh International Conference centre prior to the annual Finance Director of the Year awards.

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