By Max Clarke

Scotland’s former industrial heartland has overtaken London’s deprived inner city wards of Haringey, Lewisham and Hackney to top a list of the nation’s ‘employment blackspots’.

West Dunbartonshire came in at number one, with a reported 3,700 jobseekers chasing just 40 job vacancies.
“People living in inner London boroughs have had tough job prospects for many years but since the recession new employment blackspots have emerged,” said Brenden Barber, general secretary of the TUC union.

'We are still in the midst of a jobs crisis. Dozens of towns and cities have more than ten dole claimants chasing every vacancy and areas on their doorstep are not faring much better. It's not good enough for ministers to brand those out of work as feckless and claim that there are plenty of jobs out there. The reality is very different.

Nationally, unemployment currently stands at 2.53 million while youth unemployment nearing the 1 million mark.

'Ultimately strong economic growth is the only way to tackle our jobs crisis but the government's deep and rapid spending cuts are jeopardising our chances of recovery. The government must change course before economic stagnation sets in.'

Other areas identified as ‘employment blackspots’ include Easy Ayrshire where 32 applicants chase each job vacancy and the Isle of Wight, while the remainder consist of London Boroughs.