By Marcus Leach

Samsung Electronics have been temporarily prevented from selling their tablet computer Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe following an injunction granted to rivals Apple.

The move comes after Apple argued that the Korean firm had infringed their patents and means that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet can not be sold in any European country except Holland.

Samsung have also had problems launching their tablet, which is set to compete with the iPad and iPad 2, in in Australia due to a similar lawsuit.

Apple is also seeking a court order to temporarily block sales of the tablet computer in the US until patent claims are resolved.

According to Apple the Galaxy 10.1 has 'slavishly' copied the technology of both the iPad and the iPhone.

In retaliation Samsung has countersued Apple in South Korea, Japan, the US and Germany.

A Samsung statement said that they would "act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights."

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