By Guy Aston, Business Director, Mid-Corporate solutions, Huthwaite International

In this phase of the cycle the customer becomes aware of rising needs. Early on they are presented as problems, and dissatisfactions with the current situation, e.g.
“Since we won that new contract we’re struggling to cope with the increased demand”.

As buyers progress through the phase these needs develop and eventually are firmed up into a clear want or desire, e.g. “We really must increase our production capacity”.

As the needs develop they are influenced by many factors from; the customer's previous experiences, through to advice from both you and your competitors.

The key questions the customer is asking are “Should we change and is it worth changing?”

At this stage, world-class sales organisations will be:

• being proactive and seeking opportunities triggered by changes over time

• working with the customer to uncover and develop the needs

• influencing the needs so they are most closely matched by their solutions

building value for their key differentiators

• creating competitive differentiation

• ensuring their key unique selling points are translated into decision criteria in any ensuing specification.

At this stage, typical sales organisations will be:

• limiting contact to routine meetings or service fulfillment meetings (with existing customers)

• having no contact at all (with potential customers)

• focusing entirely on more developed sales opportunities that are further around the Buying Cycle

• waiting for inbound enquiries.


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