By Guy Aston, Business Director, Mid-Corporate solutions, Huthwaite International

After the decision is made the new solution must be installed. This is the phase of least sales activity, however top-class sales organisations will still be active.

At this stage, world-class sales organisations will be:

• Reinforcing decision guidelines where you are strong — to protect the account from competitive attack

• Pointing out additional aspects of the solution the customer is unaware they may be getting

• Staying close to the service/fulfillment operation to spot difficulties and/or new opportunities early

• Timing contact to handle the motivation dip — the inevitable point when the customers’ enthusiasm for the project runs out

• Capturing and reporting successes

• Asking for referrals

• Proactive seeking the next sales opportunity.

At this stage, typical sales organisations will be:

• Moving on to the next prospect.

If all has gone well, the customer now moves into Changes Over Time, where they may stay for months, years or even decades until a change occurs which begins to move them through the Buying Cycle yet again.

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