By Guy Aston, Mid-Market Business Director, Huthwaite International

In this phase of the cycle the customer is not in the market to buy at all. The customer is satisfied with the status quo and is not actively seeking a solution. However the situation, both inside and outside the organisation, is changing in ways that will, eventually, open a new sales opportunity. The changes can be large and outside your customer’s control, for example the general economic climate, or entirely internal and self-initiated, a new CEO or an acquisition for example. They may even be changes initiated by you, say, a new product offering, or your competition — a new market entrant perhaps. In any event these changes will upset the customer’s current state of contentedness and begin a new buying cycle.

At this stage, world-class sales organisations will be:

• staying close to their customers and looking for changes

• using non-sales contacts, for example service or technical support, to gather sales intelligence

• monitoring trade and general business media for changes

• using social contact with customers and prospects to seek out impending changes

• monitoring competitive activity

• seeking referrals and introductions into new potential customers and markets.

At this stage, typical sales organisations will be:

• spending little or no time with their existing customers

• focusing entirely on more developed sales opportunities that are further around the Buying Cycle

• waiting for inbound enquiries.

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