By Marcus Leach

Carmaker Saab are able to pay their staff again after a 'big order' from a Chinese company.

Having announced last week they didn't have the funds to pay staff, the Swedish firm are now able to do so, although they didn't name the Chinese company responsible for the order.

The order, worth €13 million (£12 million), is for 582 vehicles and, according to Saab, gives them the short-term funds they need to pay staff and some supplier payments.

However, at present it is not enough for them to resume normal production.

"I am pleased to announce this agreement, as it secures part of the necessary short-term funding for Saab Automobile and allows us to pay our employees' wages before the end of this month," said Victor Muller, head of Saab's owner Spyker Cars.

"Swedish Automobile and Saab Automobile continue their discussions with several parties to secure additional short-term funding to restart production."

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