By Max Clarke

Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable may have found himself in a spot of bother this week but Interim Provider, Russam GMS plans to help him - with his economic planning at least.

The company has launched a competition calling on its database of 11,000 Interim Managers to suggest ways that Mr Cable can accelerate the UK economy and in particular, help small businesses in 2011.

The Russam GMS competition was launched in response to Mr Cable’s speech at the party conference in Autumn, where he questioned how the UK will earn a living in the future. Mr Cable had noted that whilst the UK has a wealth of skills, educated people, high tech manufacturing, creative industries, IT and science based industries and professional services, it needed more jobs and more people. Russam GMS will submit the best suggestions to Mr Cable following the competition.

Russam GMS Chairman, Charles Russam says, “When we launched our quirky Christmas competition we didn’t anticipate that Vince Cable would be in such hot water with the media. But on a serious note, Interim Managers operate successfully — but largely unnoticed and unpublicised - at the heart of the British enterprise. They see things and hear things that payrolled Directors often don’t have the experience or objectivity to tune into and this information is gold dust.”

“We aim to capture these nuggets of sound business advice by inviting Interim Managers to tell Vince Cable what they think and will send the best suggestions to the coalition government to help them plan ahead and grow the economy in 2011 and beyond,” he added.