By Brian Chernett, Founder, The Academy For Chief Executives

At the end of April, we move into a double celebration for some. First comes Easter with Bank Holidays on either side of the weekend. The following weekend sees the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday 29th April followed by the May Bank holiday on the Monday. In 11 days, there are just 3 working days. If you haven’t already planned how to take your business through this period, now would be a good time to do so.

There is only one additional Bank Holiday in this sequence but the juxtaposition of a very late Easter and the Wedding date have made it likely that many will be looking to take the full 11 days as holiday.

This externally imposed holiday period will affect businesses and it will affect them differently according to the type of business they do.

For those who need to serve the public throughout the holiday — in retail, hospitality, tourism, emergency support, public services for example — it will be a case of scheduling people to cover the holiday with additional costs (especially overtime) for doing so.

For those with continuous processes, there will be a question of whether to suspend the process over the period or whether it is possible and economic to keep processing. Availability of people will be a factor in this. There will also be a question of whether it will be possible for those who want to work to be accommodated.

For many businesses, it will simply be a matter of working through the period with less time and probably less people. Some planning will be needed to ensure that key activity continues unaffected.

By planning early, we can schedule key activities to happen in the weeks before or after the affected time, leaving the middle three day week flexible. Remember that your suppliers (and in B2B (Business to Business) business, your customers) will also have this same dilemma to face.

So what to do in such times? There is plenty that can be done that will make your business fitter and readier for the busy times. A number of businesses have already said that they will use the time for catching up on those important tasks that seem to get less priority than the urgent. It is always amazing to me how much can be achieved when the phones are quiet and the business appears to be running in splendid isolation.

Whatever your choice, make it now and communicate it clearly to everyone who needs to know. Then you can relax and celebrate knowing that you won’t be fighting fires during or after the holiday.

Brian Chernett is the founder of The Academy for Chief Executives and Chairman of Academy Group ACE2. Having stepped down as Chief Executive of the Academy, Brian is now developing his own coaching and mentoring business — Wisdom Forums - for senior executives and building a new charity, The Ella Foundation, to coach and mentor Chief Executives in Charities and not for profit business.

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