By Maximilian Clarke

The Rail Maritime and Transport workers’ union (RMT) have written to News International demanding information on a surveillance operation aimed at the union’s leader, Bob Crow.

Investigators working on behalf of the Murdoch’s UK news subsidiary are alleged to have trawled through bins during the union’s conference last year- a matter which the police are investigating- as well as the ‘harassment of national officials, their families and their neighbours by News International operatives’.

The union- which has frequently called industrial action over a wide range of issues and who have consequently been paid £500 not to strike during the Olympics- has become the latest organisation to become embroiled in the ever-unfolding Leveson Inquiry; submitting a ‘full dossier’ detailing the actions of ‘key players’ in News International.

“RMT lawyers have written to News Internationals lawyers today demanding information on the surveillance operation mounted against the union and asking for the names of those involved,” commented a Union spokesperson.

“RMT has also submitted a full dossier of information to the Leveson Inquiry dating back nearly a decade and we expect to be called to give further evidence in the near future.”

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