By Daniel Hunter

New data released by one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the UK has revealed an increase in the number of stay-at-home mums turning to affiliate sales as a source of income; with the most popular affiliate websites set up by stay-at-home mums also uncovered during the release of the data.

Many stay at home mums are turning to the internet as a source of income whilst out of work, according to information released by a fast growing affiliate network in the UK. According to data from the network and enquiries received over the past 6 months, many stay at home mums are looking to utilise affiliate sales as a source of income.

The information from Paid On Results,, uncovered more about this new trend. The affiliate network noticed an increase in the number of stay at home mums getting in touch to find out more about the affiliate process and how they could utilise it; with more than 50 different enquiries of this nature in the last 6 months.

According to Paid On Results, the most common enquiries from stay-at-home mums looking to crack the affiliate sector are as follows:

· How affiliate sales work
· How to add affiliate links to websites/blogs
· How much commission affiliate sales make
· Set up costs involved
· Rules involved in affiliate sales

Paid On Results also took note of the type(s) of websites or blogs these stay at home mums were looking to add affiliate links to, or drive affiliate sales through, which revealed the following to be the most popular:

· Parental advice
· Fashion
· Hobby-focused
· Adult toys
· Books

What’s more, most of the stay-at-home mums enquiring about affiliate sales and using this method to create extra income were aged between 30 and 35. Furthermore, WordPress was the most widely used tool for those stay-at-home mums getting started in the affiliate sector.

Graeme Sandwell, Managing Director of Paid On Results, said the following:

“We take great interest in anyone getting in touch who is looking to start out in the affiliate world. Therefore, when we started to hear from more and more stay-at-home mums who explained their situation and what they wanted to achieve, we started to document the trend.

“It seems that many stay-at-home mums are leaning on their first-hand knowledge of being a parent to offer other mums and dads advice and make a bit of commission from affiliate sales at the same time. Once you get past the stage of understanding affiliate sales, it becomes really simple and easy to set up. Using affiliate links on blogs and websites to create an extra source of income is a fantastic idea and one that I think more and more people are getting on board with.”

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