By Daniel Hunter

A survey of some of the most influential marketers in the UK has revealed some surprising results including:

· Only half were confident that Facebook would survive the next ten years as a dominant social media platform
· Only 14% said that they would definitely use wearable technology
· 66% believed that Google may be planning to kill SEO

The survey of marketers who have registered to attend the first ever Digital Marketing Show this month, included responses from CEOs to Marketing Directors; from E-commerce Managers to Heads of Digital.

Nick James, the Producer of the Digital Marketing Show, is surprised by some of the survey results: “We have a who’s who in marketing attending the Show. If these people aren’t bought into the idea of wearable technology and think that Facebook might soon lose its dominance, they should be taken seriously. Attendees at the Show may not know everything about digital, they’re not techies, but they are experts in engaging people.”

Nick was less surprised about the fears about Google: “My understanding is that Google want to ensure that people get the best possible result for any search, therefore they are dragging some businesses to think ‘quality and content’ rather than SEO. Google, and a number of other experts, will be at the Show so there will be a chance to quiz them on this.”

The Digital Marketing Show is being held this month at London ExCel to help marketers improve their understanding of digital. The Show was launched in June, at an event at the Ivy Club, where leading marketers debated how to help stop the business graveyard (particularly the high street) filling up with any more household names.

Over the next few years the so-called ‘digital natives’ (those who have never known a time without computers) will start to dominate the workforce and the digital revolution, that started in 1990, threatens to sweep aside the old ways of working.

Nick explained: “The digital natives will push their managers to the side of the road if they don’t act like them. They’ll be able to do that because they’ll be able to engage with customers more quickly than them, cheaper than them and more effectively than them. The digital revolution will become as dramatic as the industrial revolution. ”

The Digital Marketing Show has secured an impressive line-up of speakers across the full range of digital marketing disciplines including Raja Saggi, Head of SME for Google and Felicity McCarthy, Head of Small Business Marketing at Facebook. The speakers will be sharing their expertise with the expected 10,000 visitors to the Show from a diverse range of businesses.

The Digital Marketing Show takes place from the 26th-28th of November at London ExCel. Attendance is free and tickets are available from

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