By Daniel Hunter

Popstar Rihanna has won her legal battle against high street retailer Topshop over a t-shirt which used her image without her permission.

The Court of Appeal in London upheld the ban on the retailer selling the sleeveless t-shirt.

Thee appeal judges sided with Rihanna in the first celebrity case of its kind. They said the use of Rihanna's image on the t-shirt amounted to "passing off" - unauthorised use of a personal image.

Rihanna initially won her $5m (£3.3m) law suit against Topshop's owners, Arcadia, in 2013. Mr Justice Birss said buyers had been led into "false belief" that Rihanna had given her permission.

Arcadia appealed the decision, calling on the appeal judges to rule that Mr Justice Birss has misunderstood celebrity image laws.

Topshop lawyers had argued that there was "no intention to create an appearance of an endorsement or promotion".

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