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Top of the list are Global Account Managers, Partners and Chief Operating Officers

Looking at total median compensation and median bonuses, Global Account Managers receive the highest bonuses in the UK according to Glassdoor’s latest report.

The number one role could net an employee an annual bonus of anything up to £37,000, 34% above the UK’s national average salary (£27,600). Partners and Chief Operating Officers, number two and three on the list correspondingly, receive respective bonuses of £33,500 and £31,500.

Comparatively, the average bonus paid per employee in the year to March 2015 is £1,500 according to the Office for National Statistics.

So which jobs offer the biggest bonuses?

RankJobMedian BonusMedian Total Compensation
1Global Account Manager£37,000£90,000
3Chief Operating Officer£31,500£152,500
4Chief Executive Officer£30,450£155,000
5Portfolio Manager£30,000£115,000
6Equity Trader£30,000£12,938
8Investment Banking Associate£25,375£100,000
10Account Executive£24,000£60,500
Which jobs didn’t make the cut?

Popular jobs that didn’t make the top ten this year include Bartender with a median bonus of £7,200 in bonuses per year (total median compensation £20,449), Tax Manager with a median bonus of at £5,000 (£69,925), Barista with a median bonus of £2,160 (£16,320), Editor with a median bonus of £1,800 (£34,139) and Customer Care Executive with a median bonus of £1,000 (£16,920).

So there we go, now that we know biggest bonuses go to Global Account Managers anyone planning a career change?