By Claire West

Retailers have been advised that if they want to ensure shopping baskets are filled they should think like a customer.

Asking a number of experts in the retail sector, the Financial Times found that the best way to increase sales was for store managers to consider what was being left out of shopping baskets and why.

David Smith, managing director of the Interactive Media in Retail Group, the industry body for internet retailers, offered some advice to the news provider:

He said: "The question to ask is — where is the customer dropping out? It is about getting as much information upfront and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes."

Similarly, Saul Klein, partner at Index Ventures, a venture capital firm, explained that very small changes make a very big difference when it comes to increasing sales.

According to, customers in the UK will soon see their shopping basket spend increase by around £33 per year because of the government announced rise in VAT.