By Claire West

Whitehall watchers suggest that Number 10 is in for another re-shuffle. Behind the headlines of U-turns and policy confusion, the Prime Minister is reported to be boosting his operation and grip on Whitehall.

The Institute for Government’s programme director, Jill Rutter, has commented on the IfG Blog on the importance of the Prime Minster having a strong team.

"Demands that governments — and Prime Ministers in particular — get a grip are not new. They happen every time a government hits an inevitable rocky patch. But what does this chorus of concern tell us about government today?"

"First, is that economising on people supporting the Prime Minister is a false economy. In opposition, whether external or internal, prime ministers always look lavishly supported — and putative prime ministers swear to forswear the excesses of their predecessor.

"Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron have fallen into the trap. But as they gain the keys to No.10, they rapidly realise that they need more warm bodies to ensure they can stay abreast of the sweep of government activity — and that some of those have to be 'political' — able to look out for the political problems as much as the technocratic flaws."