By Marcus Leach

Recent research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has underlined some important workplace trends with specific implications for recruiters.

Key messages include the need to attract and develop better leadership talent within UK businesses and to address rising stress levels within UK workplaces.

The CMI research suggests a lack of effective management and leadership which is perpetuating a downbeat attitude in the workplace. The survey of 2,000 employees across the UK reveals that over half (55%) don’t think their manager sufficient ability to do ‘the job’. The research also shows hat 39% of employees feel their boss’s behaviour increases stress levels.

Commenting on what the data means for recruiters, Tom Hadley, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Director of Policy and Professional Services says:

“The CMI survey underlines the need for organisations to spend more time and resource when bringing in and developing senior staff. Recruiting staff with the right skills, attitude and potential is essential as no amount of training will turn bad leaders into good ones. This is a message that the REC will continue to take forward in discussions with employers and Government.

“With regards to rising stress levels, one of our messages to both public and private sector employers has been the need to ensure that leaders and managers keep a close eye on staffing levels and are prepared to bring in temporary or permanent staff when there is a need rather than relying on already stretched employers to simply carry the load. Making decisive recruitment decisions and working with good providers will play a key role in helping UK employers to compete and thrive."

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