Renault (2)

French car manufacturer Renault has recalled 15,000 after tests showed some of its vehicles exceeded emissions limits.

Renault has been under the media spotlight in recent weeks its premises were raided by police. Reports suggested that the raids were linked to the Volkswagen emissions scandal, in which it used a 'defeat device' to cheat emissions tests. But last week, the French government, which has a stake in Renault, described the raids as "normal" checks and admitted that some of its cars had failed emissions tests.

After losing 20% of its market value following the raids, Renault now says it has come up with a "technical plan" to reduce emissions from its cars.

France's energy minister Segolene Royal said Renault is not the only French manufacturer to have failed emissions tests. And she blamed the tests themselves for the failure. Ms Royal said the tests need to be based on real-world driving conditions, not at a special testing facility.

She said: "Renault has committed to recalling a certain number of vehicles, more than 15,000 vehicles, to check them and adjust them correctly so the filtration system works even when it is very hot or when it is below 17 degrees, because that's when the filtration system no longer worked.