By Jonathan Davies

In the year it won its 10th European Cup, Real Madrid has been named as the richest football club in the world for the 10th year in a row by Deloitte.

Manchester United regained second spot after falling to fourth in the previous list. Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain completed the top five.

The Premier League foursome of Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool were named sixth to ninth richest.

For the first time, all 20 Premier League clubs were named in the top 40; something attributed to record TV broadcast deal.

The Premier League's new broadcast deals have translated into big revenue increases across the English top flight," said Austin Houlihan, senior manager at Deloitte.

"In fact, every Premier League club reported record revenues in 2013-14."

The 20 Premier League clubs earned a record £1.1bn from broadcast revenues.

"The fact that all the clubs in the Premier League are in the top 40 is testament to the huge appeal of the league globally and also the equality of the distributions the clubs enjoy relative to their European counterparts," Mr Houlihan added.

"Additionally, the Premier League is currently negotiating for the next cycle of media rights and further uplifts are anticipated."

Deloitte said the combined revenue of the top 20 clubs reached €6.2bn - a 14% rise.

The figures are based on the 2013/14 season. It focuses on club revenues and does not include debt.

Top 10 (2012/13 revenues in brackets)

1. Real Madrid €549.5m (€518.9m)
2. Manchester United €518m (€423.8m)
3. Bayern Munich €487.5m (€431.2m)
4. Barcelona €484.6m (€482.6m)
5. Paris Saint-Germain €474.2m (€398.8m)
6. Manchester City €414.4m (€316.2m)
7. Chelsea €387.9m (€303.4m)
8. Arsenal €359.3m (€284.3m)
9. Liverpool €305.9m (€240.6m)
10. Juventus €279.4m (€272.4m)

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