By Marcus Leach

Real Madrid and Barcelona have overtaken the New York Yankees as the best paid global sports teams.

As the two Spanish giants embark on a run of games against each other that will define their seasons it seems there is no limit to the price of success for the sides.

On average the clubs pay their players more than £4.3 million a year in basic wages, more than £150,000 a year more than the Yankees.

As for UK teams Chelsea top the chart, and come sixth overall in the list, with NBA teams Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic in the two spots above them.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal were also among the 30 best-paid teams, ensuring the Premier League maintained its status as the best-paying football league in the world.

The report was compiled in the US by Nick Harris.

"We've known for years that the biggest bucks have been in American basketball and baseball but the rise and rise in wages among the elite of European football continues, closing that gap," Nick Harris, the report's author, said.

This may be the last year we see such figures from football clubs, with Uefa looking to introduce certain financial regulations in coming seasons.

"Financial fair play regulations may act as a brake on this inflation in football pay in a few years' time but for now the big guns in Europe are still splashing out," Mr Harris continued.