By Daniel Hunter

A huge gap in the amount Britain invests in research and development (R&D) compared to Germany is playing a big part in the nation’s output lagging behind its European rival, according to space management software company CloudBooking.

CloudBooking's CEO, Gerry Brennan, claims a greater willingness to embrace technology and also having better trained managers would massively benefit the UK’s economy.

“It is galling that the average German could leave his or her desk at Thursday lunchtime having produced as much as we do by the end of work on Friday,” said Mr Brennan

“There is certain kudos in being early in and burning the midnight oil. However, a look at the figures shows that despite our hard work and long hour’s culture, we produce on average 30% less per hour than our German counterparts, as well as the US and, even the French.

Mr Brennan’s comments come after figures released in May showed that in Germany there are 1,034 R&D staff for every 100,000 people, whilst in the UK there are only 883 per 100,000.

“We do not spend anywhere near enough on the latest technology or research and development, with there being 17 per cent more R&D staff in Germany compared to the UK - embracing all that innovation has to offer” said Mr Brennan.

He added that since George Osborne resumed his position as chancellor, he has cited productivity as being at the forefront of his policies.

“We applaud the chancellor’s efforts to help us achieve maximum efficiency though as all responsible business owners know the emphasis needs to be on us,” added Mr Brennan.

“The technology is here now, so let’s embrace it,” he said.

“Britain is working hard, but it’s not working smart. We should work together to change this.”