“High value” business travellers in England will no longer be required to quarantine when returning from overseas, under new rules to be announced by the government.

The rules will also apply to top bosses of foreign multinational businesses visiting their own company’s branches or locations in England. The Department for Transport said the trip must result in a deal that creates a minimum of 50 jobs or deal worth at least £100,000.

It applies to most countries, even those not listed as one of the UK’s travel corridors. However, the rules will also apply to journalists, production staff, recently-signed sports professionals, and performing arts workers.

Travellers will have to secure a letter, which will be checked by police or Border Force, explaining that they are delivering economic benefits to the country.

The government said business travellers would only be allowed to meet other people “as required by that specific activity”

Public Health England said it does not expect the measure to increase the risk of transmitting Covid-19, but insisted that it would be regularly reviewed.