By Marcus Leach

Employers consider qualifications as the least important factor in the recruitment process, reveals research from Infinity Learning, one of the UK’s leading learning design companies.

When asked to choose between experience, qualifications or potential (regardless of qualifications or previous work history) a broad range of work experience was considered most important for four out of five respondents.

“With tuition fees on the rise and many re-considering the option of going to university, the research findings could be re-assuring," Sarah Mackie, Commercial Director at Infinity Learning explained.

"The results suggest that individuals are recruited primarily on the basis of their experience, followed by the extent to which they have shown the potential to progress into more senior positions within the organisation.”

The third most important factor in determining whether a candidate should land the job seemed to be their enthusiasm to work for the organisation and perform the required role.

For specialist positions, qualifications were slightly more important. Around one third of respondents look for qualifications first, although experience in a similar role elsewhere was still the most important factor for half the survey respondents.

“Despite the stated feelings toward the value of qualifications, 100 per cent of respondents reported that in order to meet core competencies for a role, it required future candidates have the ability to learn independently," Mackie continued.

“In the light of this I think it’s still important for organisations to value qualifications, as it shows a candidate’s ability to learn. Companies need to embrace and develop new recruits, and give them every opportunity to learn, thereby growing its own talent."

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