By Hannah Campbell, Operations Director at The Work Perk

According to Towers Watson’s latest FTSE 350 defined contribution survey, auto-enrolment is performing well, with just six per cent of new employees opting out of their workplace pension scheme. The secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria recently stated that growth in the British economy was the fastest among G7 nations in 2014. Despite this, many employers are unable to offer their staff any kind of sizeable pay increase or, in many cases, no salary increase at all.

Employers can offer the usual portfolio of workplace benefits, some clearly more desirable than others, but what other considerations can companies make around their benefits package, and is there anything else they could provide that supplements their existing offering? To put it simply, yes. Many benefits professionals are working with sampling and research partners to provide their employees with a variety of free samples that are delivered directly to their desks. These freebies come in all shapes and sizes and vary from edible FMCG products, to fragrances, to hair and beauty items. The samples are selected based on the specific demographic the brand wishes to reach, for example mothers of a certain age, or may be targeted at more of a general ‘catch all’ audience.

Services such as these are free for businesses to participate in and enable them to provide their employees with free product samples, helping to keep staff happy and, ultimately, driving levels of motivation and engagement. The samples can also be as tailored as employers wish for them to be, so they affectively choose what products are being delivered to their teams’ desks. For example, a company with a high concentration of parents will be far more likely to receive samples that may appeal to children, or those who enjoy sporting activities are more likely to receive samples that are sport-related (think shower gel for the gym or energy drinks).

Charmaine Yankey, Staff Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Barts Health NHS Trust says “The free product samples we receive have been a real morale-booster for the staff here at Barts Health NHS Trust. Everyone really enjoys the opportunity to try out a variety of different products, and the arrival of new samples always creates positive word of mouth and a bit of buzz around the office. It’s great to see NHS staff getting an additional reward in return for all of their hard work.”

Workplace sampling is a free, easy and fun addition to workplace sampling, so go forth and delight your employees!