By Maximilian Clarke

The public sector union outraged by Jeremy Clarkson’s now notorious remarks made on the BBC’s The One Show has accepted the presenter’s apology and returned with a jibe of their own.

Speaking on the eve of the November 30th Strikes, Clarkson commented that striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their families, sparking widespread outrage that landed the BBC with a staggering 23,000 complaints.

The million member strong public sector union- Unison- spearheaded the furore, demanding the Top Gear frontman to be sacked:

“Clarkson’s comments on the One Show were totally outrageous, and they cannot be tolerated," said an angry Dave Prentis- the union's general secretary. "We are seeking urgent legal advice about what further action we can take against him and the BBC, and whether or not his comments should be referred to the police."

Clarkson duly issued an apology to any he might have offended. Commenting this morning (Friday) the union’s general secretary, Dave Prentis accepted the outspoken presenter’s apology, before adding his own little jibe at Clarkson’s expense:

“We are pleased Jeremy Clarkson has seen the error of his ways. It is only right the he apologises for the huge offence he caused to public sector workers and their families.

“We would like to invite him to spend a day on a hospital ward, with one of our healthcare assistants. They do vital work caring for patients — cleaning up sick, bathing patients, and wiping bottoms. We think he has many of the personal skills necessary for the job.”

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