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“With around 30 million active users on Facebook and 3.2 million on Twitter in the UK alone*, social media now has a big role to play in the marketing of brands, products and services.

My job as online marketing specialist means I spend a lot of time tweeting, tagging, poking and pinging. However, with one million new users signing up to Facebook every month*, just having a social media presence isn’t enough to make any one business stand out from all the others. The success of a campaign relies on constant management, and the added value a business can give to its followers or fans to keep them coming back for more. My aim is to get my clients noticed in the saturated cyber-world.

One of my key clients is luxury health spa resort Champneys, whose flagship resort is located in Tring, Hertfordshire.
In 2004 Champneys launched the ‘Collection’, making the high end products used in its spas available to buy. After five years of sales in its spas, online and in a national retail outlet, Champneys felt it needed to do more to raise awareness of the products and increase sales.

In 2009 I launched the Champneys Collection Facebook Fan page. The aim was to create a passionate community that loved the products. With some of its competitors already having a strong social media presence, I knew the Champney’s Collection page needed to be unique, so I created a personality for the Collection and took a quirky approach to talking to fans about the products.

The fan base grew from zero to 1,135 in just six months, and I had daily interaction with fans. One of the many incentives that I used to increase the number of fans was a competition offering a high value prize, the number of visitors increased by 77.9% in just four days.

Having successfully created a lot of noise about the Collection through the campaign, and with the Champneys Resorts Facebook fan page gaining momentum, it was the perfect opportunity to move Champneys Collection fans to the main Champneys page, where they could continue to find up-to-date information about the Collection, as well as information about other Champneys products and services.

My work goes far beyond jumping on the social media bandwagon. I strategically look at where a business fits within the social media groups, and which ones will have the most influence on its customers. I make social media work, and I can make it work for you too.”

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For further information about the Champneys Collection visit www.champneys.co.uk or become a fan at www.facebook.com/pages/Champneys-Resorts/109768542423.

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