Time, over time

From an outsider’s perspective, travelling for business can often sound like a glamorous enterprise, with trips to no-end of exotic destinations and all expenses paid travel in the business-class end of the plane. For those that regularly travel for business, however, the whole process can be stressful and tiring, and can eat into valuable work time, giving you much less time to complete key tasks and objectives.

Not only that, but regularly travelling long-distances in the name of business can have a physical impact on your health and wellbeing, too. According to a recent article by The Telegraph, jet setting around the globe can lead to isolation and loneliness, and could even have a serious impact on your physical health.

To help frequent-flyers stay happy and healthy whilst they’re away from work on business, here are some top tips and advice on how to balance regular travel with your work and personal life — from streamlining your methods of contact to staying productive during a long-haul flight.

If possible, plan well in advance

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may mean that you need to drop everything and hotfoot it to the airport to catch the next flight to an important client meeting or conference. In most cases, however, frequent-flyers should be well informed of when they’re due to take a trip — meaning they’ve time to plan and prepare to make an upcoming excursion that little less stressful.

By organising flights, transfers and accommodation well in advance, you’ll not only guarantee yourself less hassle, but also free up valuable time during your trip to dedicate to outstanding work commitments. eBookers.com can help you find flights, hotels and business travel packages whether you’re booking a month early or on the day of departure.

Spend more, gain more

From booking budget flights to finding your own way to the airport, when it comes to business travel, cutting economic corners can have a direct impact on the productivity and success of your trip. By investing in private airport transfers, comfortable accommodation and a first or business-class seat on the plane, you may spend more money — but you’ll also attain increased productivity, and get more value from your time spent in transit.

It’s also worth considering the on-going benefits afforded by spending a little extra on things like business-class travel. Lufthansa’s PartnerPlusBenefit scheme is just one of the many programmes that gives frequent flyers the opportunity to earn points and rewards each time they travel. These perks differ from airline to airline, but usually include things like free upgrades to business-class, speedy check-in and boarding, and inclusive transfers.

Make use of technology to get more from your trip

In day’s gone by, business travellers were restricted by the technology available to them, meaning it was more difficult to liaise with colleagues and clients, work on specific projects and keep in touch with friends and family at home. Now however, there is a vast amount of innovative tech available to the jet-setting professional that can make business travel considerably more practical, comfortable and productive.

When working in conjunction with colleagues, for instance, services like Slack make it easy to communicate remotely from anywhere in the world — provided you have internet connectivity, of course. For the past few years, Dropbox has also made it extremely easy for colleagues to share, submit and access files remotely using the site’s reliable cloud storage facility.

In terms of making your travel more hassle-free and productive, there are also a number of products, services and applications at your disposal. The recently emerged travel organisation app, TripIt, allows you to keep your travel documents, schedule and itinerary in one place — helping to streamline check-in processes and ensure you’re not left rummaging for your pass at the boarding gate.

By Chloe Ravat, FlyPPB