By Gemma Firth, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Matthews the Printers

Starting-up a business can be a daunting task. There are lots of areas to consider, including:

• Insurance
• Costs of running the business
• Costs of renting or purchasing an office
• What staffing do you need, if any, and their salaries
• Branding for your company
• Planning how you’re going to get your services known and get clients on board
• Devising a marketing plan

As long as you have a clear business plan and strategy in place, all of the above can be worked out efficiently and correctly, so don’t panic.

One area in which a reputable printing company can help make less daunting is the materials that you need printed in order to get your business off the ground. Once your branding has been finalised, in most cases you will need to have the following items printed:

• Letterheads
• Continuation sheets — although you can use normal paper, it always looks more professional to have the same paper stock and maintains your brand identity
• Business cards
• Invoices
• Credit notes
• Compliment slips

In addition to these, and all depending on your budget, you may also wish to produce a leaflet or small brochure to showcase your products or services. Initially, it doesn’t necessarily need to be really in-depth, but we would recommend ensuring that the quality is high, especially if you’re trying to put across a high end service.

There are several online and high street print companies who offer start-up packages. If you are on a tight budget, these companies are great to use and, for the most part, offer a quality service. If, however, you are looking to build a relationship with your supplier, you may wish to work with a local company. This is particularly true if you are setting up a design or account management consultancy and offering print services, as a good relationship with your supplier is important so that you have peace of mind that they will deliver the best quality products for your clients.

In terms of pricing, you can expect to receive competitive prices from any printer; some will come in cheaper, but do bear in mind the quality that you are looking for. A lot of companies will also price each item as being printed together, especially with your stationery materials, which will ensure that the price remains low.

At Matthews, we are more than happy to discuss your print requirements with you and help guide you down the correct route for your business, even if it means suggesting an alternative print supplier if we do not feel we can be competitive enough for your needs. Upon becoming a client of Matthews we will build a strong and close working relationship with you.

Matthews the Printers is one of the UK’s leading print companies. The family-run business, which is based in Chingford, London, has been established since 1984 and offers unrivalled customer service combined with exceptional quality print at competitive prices.

The company has a wealth of experience with both digital and traditional printing methods for all marketing and promotional materials. Their impressive client portfolio includes Argos, Canterbury Christchurch University, David Lloyd, Office, Sole Trader, TGI Friday’s and Tragus (Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Strada).

Gemma can be contacted on 020 8498 5200 or by emailing gemma@matthews-printers.co.uk

We wish you luck for the future of your business and hope to speak with you soon.